My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

2012 FLY FISHING SHOW and more…

Many things have happen since my last post. For one, the 2012 Fly Fishing Show is coming into town and the local fly fishing group needed some help planning for the event. The club is a very “informal” and requires no dues… Since moving down from Michigan, I’ve found a lot of good friends from the group and I’ve attached a photo show of a few of the trips we’ve shared.


The other project I’ve been busy with, was a recent application to a conservation grant offered by the Federation of Fly Fishers. If awarded we’ll be able to help restore a local river and increase interest in Fly Fishing.

With the club projects, the holidays that rushed in, a recent move to a new address and more work responsibilities, I left 2011 with empty fly boxes that require some attention! However, a good friend, whose a professor at NCSU, improved my Entomology collection. I’ll use this collection to improve a few patterns that will target specific streams. Entomology and more on the next post!


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