My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Three Musketeers of Fall Fly Fishing

Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is tomorrow! We indulge in a feast of candy and meat, as do the trout! During this time of the year the fish are either spawning or finished spawning and will need to load themselves with food before winter comes in full force. Below are three flies that have worked magic for me during a recent trip to the smokies and should work around your neck of the woods.


  • Hook: TMC 9395 #2-12
  • Body: Pearl Chenille (Root Beer)
  • Thread 6/0  (rust orange)
  • Eyes: Bead Chain
  • Back: Bucktail (brown, bleach, or black)
  • Tail: Marabou (olive)

This fly is my own creation. I wanted something with a lot of action that could be used in a variety of water conditions and the end result was this. I like to think of it a cross between a woolly bugger and clouser minnow. I’ve made a few dozen orders to friends that have had a lot of success with it bass fishing, which I would use white body/tail, and either a chartreuse, blue, or pink bucktail back. The trout seem to like it just as much as the bass, with the color scheme above. Eventually, I’ll find time to get a camera with decent zoom, but you’re not missing much, the fly isnt all that pretty looking! What matters most is the fish love the action and its easy to tie!

San Juan Worm
  • Hook: TMC 3769 (8-14)
  • Body: Pink Chenille (or red )
  • Thread: 6/0 (pink)

I can’t think of an easier fly to tie than the San Juan Worm or one that is most effective. I like fishing mine under a strike indicator and prefer size 14. I feel like the hook size is just right at 14 and anything bigger than 12 could spook fish (but it’s just an opinion). It’s also effective to have a fly above the San Juan Worm, catch the attention of the fish, leaving the San Juan as a trailer fly that’s pretty difficult to pass up!

Chenille Fly 
  • Hook: TMC 3769 (10-14)
  • Body: Pearl Chenille (copper,root beer, olive )
  • Thread: 6/0 (black)

It might be a theme showcasing simple flies on a camera with poor zoom, but this is another must have in your fly box! It’s good for an attractor fly but great on stocked fish. Many anglers fishing stocked fish overlook the most important fact… these fish weren’t raised on eating aquatic insects! Anything that can resemble a fish pellet is your best bet… with the “Chenille Fly” it not only does this, but I feel like it also resembles a cased caddis (which is good for those wild fish). This too is fished under an indicator (with a split shot above) and as the San Juan Worm, I would use the high stick method fishing this.

Its coming to that time of the year were I have to start filling up the fly boxes again, but are patterns that I would use above the San Juan Worm and would work well for attracting both wild and stocked trout! 


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