My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Davidson River part 1


Its that time of the year…

To get out and…

If I could sum up this past weekends trip in one word, it would be the same as how I would describe the summer… “HOT”!!!
No way was going to be caught dead fishing anywhere in July and August. Temps were holding steady at 100 or above. No sense in fishing as the trout are not as near active as you would like to see them and you risk the fact that if they stay out of water for too long, they might end up dead moments later. Cooler temps towards the end of September allowed for great fishing and an awesome display of colors. Higher elevations started the fall foliage earlier in the, providing a special treat for those patient anglers.
This past weekend a group of local fly fishers headed to the Davidson River for a weekend of fishing. Most of the group was new to fly fishing and a lot of respect goes out to all of them. Not an easy river to fish by any means, everyone caught a fish and everyone improved their game.
One particular angler valued the trip not in the amount of fish he caught, but the time he invested to learn the sport. The literature, videos, podcast, and decisions he made on his own was finally put to use. This is what makes the sport what it is… mono e mono.
This perspective goes a long ways… sure it shows a lot about his character, but it also shows that you can have all the gear and information in the world, but if you dont put in the time, its no good for anyone.

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