My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Voodoo Dolls and Bye-Bye Barbie

Im learning quickly that even though snow isnt much of a factor fly fishing in NC, the heat will put you out of commission!


With temps averaging over 100 degrees for almost 2 months, one would think they are stuck in a sweat lodge… The smell of a campfire, persperation dripping from your forhead, long car rides with Jim Morrison tunes playing in the background… Suddingly intuition, insights, and a re-emergance of the soul can allow the patient angler a chance to restock, reevaluate, and refuel his inner fly box.

Suddenly… a sign appears out of nowhere… and it spoke to me…


“We have more important things to do the be used as fly tying material!”

Basically the idea of using doll hair came from two different thoughts.

1. The teenage girls stealing hackles from our fly shops to be used for hair extensions, played with dolls at some point in their life (maybe they still do… I dont know). Payback is a B****!  What more could a fly tier ask for to get sweet revenge on little old Barbie!

2. I was watching an old episode of Curb your Enthusiasm

I cant make a trip to the mountains every weekend. With this heat, it wouldnt be worth it. The trout arent as active during the hot weather, water is low, and taking the fish out of the water could do a lot of harm… so it leaves me with fishing locally. Sunfish, Blue Gill, Bass, are fun… but its old after a while. Fishing for Gar is a different experience then any other fishing.

The concept of catching car is pretty simple… tie a fly that will get tangled in its teeth.  These guys carry rows of teeth along its long narrow bill. Because of the Gars unique features, catching them on a hook is pretty difficult. Long strains of nylon hair allow for a fly to mimic a minnow and long enough to get caught up in a Gars mouth (thats what she said).

Now im sure Peta would be more upset with this tactic of fishing more so than your average teen beauty. However, its no different then catching any other fish using a hook. Catch & Release along respect to the fish can turn into a great day of fishing!

Remember to watch your fingers when removing your fly. We recently picked up a new camera so Im hoping I can get close ups of some of the flies I’ve been tying, including the new “Bye-Bye Barbie” fly I’ve tied for gar.


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