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Orvis Access Review

Being from Detroit, I couldnt skim by without having some sort of automotive reference on a rod review.

Anyone that enjoys American Muscle Cars, understands that opinions vary just as much as the quality and performance. The thing that has and will always make Muscle Cars tick, it what they symbolize. Like muscle cars, anglers have a chance to choose from a wide selection of companies (both American and foreign-made) and like any car you purchase it has to feel just right.

For me the Orvis Access felt right…

 Like the American Muscle Car, ingenuity and innovation were the building blocks behind the construction of the Orvis Access.

Orvis uses the same cutting edge technology found in the construction of their Hydros and Helios. A system of applying epoxy based resin and thermoplastics, you end up with an extremely light rod, which actually makes the Access and Helios the lightest rods in the Market.

Yellowstone Angler recently conducted a test on 14 different 5wt rods. They measured everything from overall weight, line weight, warranty, to price. To get a full detailed review on the Orvis Access I would suggest checking out there website. Below are the final results of their testing…

In regards to swing weight (casting) Yellowstone Angler has a lot of the reviews down pretty well, however I personally felt that between 45-70 feet the rod was a lot easier to cast, therefore deserved a better review. Which still brings up another point of how often does someone plan on casting 45-70 with a 7ft 5wt rod, which is the rod I picked up to fish small smokey mountains streams.

All-in-All, the Orvis Access will impress any angler, its a fine rod in the mix of other fine rods. For more information and reviews I would highly suggest visiting the Yellowstone Angler on what is a very unbias review on 5wt rods (they also have one on 7wts).


One response

  1. Rob

    With the Yellowstone review it is important to understand that the review was not like for like. Orvis decided to provide mid flex rods for the test, despite everyone else providing tip flex rods. This is what brought down the scores. I have both Helios and Access tip flex rods and they are lovely to use. Loops are tight and fast.

    So, although Yellowstone are unbiased, they were not comparing like for like rods.

    July 16, 2012 at 11:12 am

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