My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Fishing the Smoky Mountains: Pigeon River

This is the closest chance to fish mile high in the smokies. At 5120 ft above sea level, this bushwaking river, allows anglers to fish exclusively with wild Brook Trout.

I’ve fished all over the Balsams ( Balsam mountain range) however, this section of the Pigeon River will require a bit more attention with trekking/bush waking that’s involved.

Most anglers avoid sections like this due to the physicality and attention to your surroundings thats required. If your looking to easily walk in and flop your fly on the water… find someplace else! 

If you’re looking for large fish to catch… find someplace else!


Although, its diffintly worth a visit to the area if you’re looking to experience the smokies beautiful scenery and theirs plenty of rivers to fish that dont require you to break your back climbing rocks and trees!

Fishing this time of the year can be a bit tricky as far as fly selection and fish activity. Looking to post details and photos after the trip.


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