My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Triangle Fly Fishers…

The Triangle Fly Fishers is an affiliate of Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited. Because most of us are a couple of hours from decent trout waters, many of us are found fly fishing the coast or in our own backyard.

While you wont see me fishing in warm water all that much, this past month had significant meaning for many of us Fly Fishers in the Raleigh/Durham area. Lately, I’ve been found on the water fishing the White Bass run and putting together a grant to improve the water system in which these fish migrate through.

For those that are not familiar with White Bass, they are pound per pound one of the fiercest fighting fish around. They can be a blast to catch not only for the strikes, but also for their sheer numbers. Males first migrate upriver before the females set up shop. When conditions are right for the females, they come in schools, and boy do things get hot and crazy! Spawning is alot about endurance (even for most of us guys!), however many factors determine how long the fish stick around. Numbers seem to be at its best in late March, early April. Using a white woolly bugger, size 12-14, works great. The retrive seem to vary each week. Most of the time a quick retrive followed by a pause for 2 seconds seem to work great. The other key thing is locating where they like to hold up at. We had to work the banks for a while before we found a good location!

The river in which they migrate through (Eno River) has importance to many of us here in Durham,Wake & Orange Counties. The overall health of the river has been question for sometime. Most recently the EPA found that reservoir that the Eno flows into (Falls Lake) was labeled impaired. The Falls Lake reservoir is a source of drinking water for close to 1 million residents…


Its also a prime spot for recreation and home to a diverse group  of wildlife. Being labeled as “impaired” isnt a good thing and if conditions dont improve we wont have a chance to enjoy fishing such a special place.

As im officially saying goodbye to the white bass run, I still have plenty of work to catch up on with tying flies. Good luck to those finding themselves in a similar situation and I envy those already finished for what looks to be a great year of fishing!


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