My perspective of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

Home Waters…

By way of Detroit, Michigan one typically first thinks of…

Muscle Cars



Tool Time

Hard Times…
Whatever your first thoughts are about Michigan, one typically doesnt think Fly Fishing.

To be honest growing up in an industrial area like Detroit, I didnt pick up the sport until I was in college.

It was here at Gates of Ausable fly shop and lodge, located on the banks of the Au Sable River, where I picked up the sport…

Thanks to Rusty Gates and this wonderful river system I never looked back.

I’ve talked to many anglers whose “home waters” where in a different state, let alone in a different country. These are locations that carry a certain mystic or character about them, a place that holds epic hatches, large fish, a large number of fish to be caught, or could just be a peaceful place to call home. 


The rivers I’ve fished carried quality size and numbers,with each river holding its own personality, but it was here at the Au Sable were I walked into the river to wet wade for the first time. It was the place I caught my first fish on the fly, witnessed the magical Hexagenia Limbata hatch (aka Michigan Mayfly) under a cool midnight moon and the same river my wife and I floated during our first date 8 years ago. 
As a young angler having to move away from home to explore the “Reel World”, I find myself wanting to explore new water in the process. No matter what the river brings, I’ll always carry a piece of home with me.

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